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At Holmesdale Car Finance, we create bespoke finance packages tailored to you.

Step 1

Contact our experts and discuss your finance requirements.

Step 2

Your finance application will be submitted, decisions usually take around 48 hours.

Step 3

If your application is successful, you'll receive a finance agreement to complete.

Step 4

After receiving your signed agreement, we'll process and release your funds.

our finance options

Tell us what you'd like to finance, we'll create an affordable solution for you.

PCP Car Finance

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) offers flexibility and affordability when buying a car. You pay monthly instalments over a fixed term, typically 2 to 4 years, covering the car's depreciation. At the end of the term, you have options: return the car, trade it in for a new one, or buy it outright. PCP often means lower monthly payments compared to other finance options, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious buyers.

  • Spread the cost
  • Reclaim VAT
  • Stay in control
Holmesdale Car Finance PCP Car Finance
Holmesdale Car Finance Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase Car Finance

Hire purchase allows you to spread the cost of buying a car over time. You make fixed monthly payments until you've paid off the full value of the car, at which point you own it outright. It's a straightforward way to own a car without a large upfront payment, making it accessible for many people.

  • Spread the cost
  • Reclaim VAT
  • Flexible terms

Lease Car Finance

Car lease finance allows you to drive a new vehicle without the commitment of ownership. You make monthly payments for a fixed period, typically 2 to 4 years, enjoying lower monthly costs compared to buying. At the end of the lease, you can easily switch to a new car hassle-free. It's a great option for those who love driving the latest models without the long-term commitment of ownership.

  • Spread the cost
  • Reclaim VAT
  • Stay in control
Holmesdale Car Finance Finance Lease